I am not a large company and I do not mass produce items.

From a young age I have always been interested in journals. Back then it was called a diary and I wrote in mine almost every single day. The first one I was given had pink ballet shoes on the cover and "My Diary" written in pink. While that didn't really fit my personality, I loved the idea of having a lock on it. I thought that lock was Fort Knox.

Over the years I have collected a rather large collection of notebooks and journals. I noticed my local stores started carrying less and less of different types of journals. What they did carry was low quality, usually spiral bound and wide ruled paper. At that point, I had never made a book, but I wanted to learn. I was in the middle of a box store aisle when I had my breakdown / revelation.

My first few journals were sad ones. It took me three days to create my very first one. I had no tools except an awl I borrowed from my dad which I swear was the original one ever made. When I was done, I was proud of my accomplishment and instantly was hooked on creating books. Over the next two years I must have made at least a couple hundred books trying to perfect my craft.

I am not a large company and I do not mass produce items. What I can offer is old fashioned customer service with attention to detail. I care about what goes into my books and I make them to last generations. I offer a quality product that you can't find in box stores. I genuinely care about each item I send out to its new forever home and I love to hear stories back from clients who use my products.